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Judicial Advocacy

AIPLA files amicus briefs in litigation that is important to its members, following a long tradition of judicial advocacy.  Those briefs are accessible by clicking the relevant year of the case in the navigation column on the left side of this page.

The AIPLA Amicus Committee receives many requests from parties in litigation for the Association's amicus support, and the Committee screens and recommends to the Board of Directors the best cases for AIPLA to join and urge its positions on the cutting edge issues of the law.  Although AIPLA welcomes the views of the parties to the dispute, the AIPLA amicus positions are the product of independent consideration by the Committee and the Board of Directors, based on the law and an their  understanding of policy and legal questions in dispute.

For information on how to request consideration for AIPLA amicus support, click here

For information about the Amicus Committee leadership, click here.

Below are AIPLA comments that are part of AIPLA judicial advocacy separate from litigation filings. 

Recent AIPLA Amicus Briefs