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The mission of the Mentoring Committee is to foster involvement in AIPLA by bringing together experienced AIPLA members with junior AIPLA members.  The pairings ideally encourage involvement, participation, and retention in AIPLA.  The pairings encourage feedback from mentees as to what they are seeking with AIPLA membership and how the experience AIPLA member can direct the junior member towards those goals.


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 Committee Announcements

Announcement Description
If you are attending the 2018 AIPLA Mid Winter, please join us on Friday, January 26th at 3:45-4:45 pm.

We will discuss the year ahead and new plans and programs for the committee. Please join us for a roundtable discussion
on making the most of your Mentor/Mentee pairing. New mentees and mentors are welcome. ​

LAW STUDENTS: If you are looking for a Mentor, please contact the Law Student Committee for a student-specific mentor pairing.​