Special Committee on Pulbications, Chapter 3

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Year three as a committee starts with many publications in process.  Help us build on that success to fill a pipeline of books to jointly publish with BNA to provide AIPLA members a source of IP related reference books. Check our microsite for helpful resources for authors and those thinking about writing a book: http://www.aipla.org/committees/committee_pages/publications/Pages/default.aspx
In the coming year, our mission is to create a robust pipeline of publications for increasing publication revenue, providing educational resources for members, the community, and the public, and providing a robust channel for AIPLA authors to publish.  Please contact any of the committee members if you have any thoughts of becoming an author.  The committee is also there to support authors during all stages of the publication process, including help with new book proposals, manuscript review, mentorship, and as a sound board for new book ideas as well as supplements and updates for existing books.
Please contact any of us with suggestions for books, suggestions for authors, questions about writing books, and for resources to help with writing books. 
Co-Chair:           Brad Forrest  bforrest@slwip.com
Co-Chair:           Michael Piper  mpiper@dfw.conleyrose.com
Members:         Denise DeFranco  denise.defranco@finnegan.com
                         David Long longdw@essentialpatent.net
 Bea Swedlow BSwedlow@honigman.com
 Michael B. Stewart  MStewart@fishstewip.com
 Mercedes K. Meyer  Mercedes.Meyer@dbr.com
 Roxana Sullivan  rsullivan@dennemeyer-law.com
 Elizabeth Ann Morgan  morgan@morganlawpc.com
 Steve Meyers smeyer@lockelord.com
Board Liaison:              Greg Allen gdallen@mmm.com
Staff Liaison:                Meghan Donohoe mdonohoe@aipla.org
Everyone has a book inside!  We can help you let it out.




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